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Welcome to Burbank Roofers, the premier roofing company in Burbank, dedicated to ensuring your safety and comfort. Our family-owned business provides top-notch roofing solutions, including repair, installation, replacement, and maintenance services. Serving Burbank, we guarantee expertly installed and maintained roofs to protect your home. Enjoy affordable financing options for quality roofing services. Our passionate team is grateful for the chance to serve you. At Burbank Roofing, it’s all about people – we just happen to install roofs!

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About Burbank’s Local Roofer

It’s no secret that finding a reliable roofing contractor can seem daunting. The industry is rife with tales of unsavory contractors using inferior materials, cutting corners, or vanishing with deposits before the job is done. Enter Roofing Burbank CA. We stand as a testament to true roofing integrity — we are the antithesis of the stereotype.

We do not desire to be a faceless, profit-driven national chain, nor do we resemble the transient roofers who briefly appear post-storm to make a quick buck. Our roots are here; we are entrenched in Burbank—our company is local, our values are familial, and our approach is community-centric.

Our commitment is to execute your roofing project flawlessly. This entails precision in workmanship, utilizing superior materials, and a foundational commitment to absolute transparency and honesty — without exception.

Yet, you shouldn’t simply take our word for it. Let us present tangible evidence that Roofing Burbank CA is your trustworthy local roofing partner in Burbank.

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Our Burbank RoofingServices .

Experience superior and budget-friendly roofing solutions with us. We are your go-to for meticulous roof repairs, precise leak detection, robust new roof installations, comprehensive maintenance, and round-the-clock emergency support. Secure the durability of your rooftop with a complimentary evaluation from Burbank’s top roofing authorities. Don’t hesitate to contact us now for your free quote!

01. Commercial Roofing Burbank CA

Is your commercial roof suffering from leaks or showing signs of damage? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! At Burbank Roofing, we provide superior repair services for all commercial roofing types at prices that won’t break the bank. Our expertise guarantees that your establishment remains well-protected in any weather with our adept roofing installation and replacement solutions. Select from an assortment of roofing styles, such as flat or textured finishes, and experience the exceptional service our proficient Burbank Roofing team is known for.

02. Residential Roofing Burbank CA

Are you searching for top-notch residential roofing services in Burbank, CA that won’t break the bank? Look no further! Burbank Roofing Solutions is your go-to provider for all roof repair, installation, or maintenance needs. Our credentials include full certification and a steadfast commitment to quality—backed by a comprehensive guarantee. At Residential Roofer Burbank, we define roofing superiority within the Burbank community. Take advantage of our free estimates for any service lineup and rest assured that we’re on standby for urgent repairs with 24/7 availability. Plus, we’re confident enough to beat any competitor’s written quote.

03. Roof inspection Burbank CA

Have you noticed any damage to your roof, or has it been over half a year since your last roof check-up? If you answered yes to either, it’s time to consult a professional roofing contractor. Look no further than the Roofing Specialists of Burbank for exemplary service that stands out in the industry.

We cater to both businesses and homes, offering comprehensive roof evaluations throughout the Burbank area. Our experts provide both written and verbal reports, ensuring you have all the necessary insights to maintain your roof’s integrity. Discover the details of our inspection services.

04. Emergency Roofing Burbank CA

Find instant relief and protection with our round-the-clock emergency roofing solutions. In the face of any damage, stay calm—think of your roof as a strong shield, and we are its guardians, ready to repair and restore with speed and precision. Immediate action is key, particularly during the harsh winter season when your family’s well-being is at stake. Our committed Roofers Burbank team is prepared to act fast to maintain the integrity of your home.

Don’t wait another moment to safeguard your abode! Contact us now for the prompt and efficient roof repair essential for your peace of mind.

The Most Trusted Roofer in Burbank CA

For over two decades, Burbank Roofing’s trusted professionals have been the top choice for unparalleled roofing solutions throughout Burbank and its surrounding areas. Nestled at the core of California, our business has been built upon the principle that our local community’s well-being and contentment are paramount. We are dedicated to providing durable and dependable roofing work, representing our steadfast dedication to you – the valued members of our community. Benefit from exceptional roofing craftsmanship that stands as the gold standard because your home or business should settle for nothing but the best. Act now to safeguard the structural integrity of your roof.

—Protect Your Home, Call Burbank’s Roofing Experts Today!

Burbank Roofing Process.

Welcome to Burbank’s leading roofing specialists, delivering unmatched quality to homeowners and businesses alike. Explore our approach to superior roofing solutions below:

Connect with us to schedule a free roofing assessment at a time that works for you. Take advantage of our complimentary inspection offer tailored to your schedule.

After thoroughly evaluating your roof, we will swiftly assemble a free estimate for your review. This detailed quotation will outline all aspects of the proposed job, including the necessary materials and labor, completely free of charge.

Upon your agreement to the terms of the quote we’ve given, we’ll move forward with the roofing services. Our extensive method guarantees that the job will be thoroughly managed from start to finish, including initial setup and the final clearing of debris.

Why Burbank Roofers Is Best in The City

Burbank Roofing Contractor is the premier option for top-quality roofing solutions in Burbank, CA. We recognize the crucial role a reputable roofing service provider plays in the lifespan of your roof. We distinguish ourselves from other contractors in Burbank by delivering exceptional workmanship complemented by superior customer care.

With Burbank Roofing Contractor, you can take solace in the assurance of hiring a licensed and insured business. Our commitment emphasizes safety and security during all roofing engagements and demonstrates our dedication to clear, transparent practices—granting you absolute peace of mind


Are you in need of professional certified roofing services within the Burbank, California area? Look no further than the trusted professionals at Burbank Roofing Contractors. Our fully certified, bonded, and insured team is equipped to handle your roofing project with unmatched precision.

Get in touch without delay! Fill out our contact form, providing the particulars of your roofing requirements, and expect a quick reply. Or, for direct communication, dial (818) 791-1081 this instant!


Various roofing services include roof repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance.

The time it takes to install a new roof varies depending on the size of the roof and other factors, such as weather conditions. However, it can take a few days to a week on average.

Common roofing materials in Burbank, CA, include asphalt shingles, metal roofing, tile roofing, and flat roofs.

It is recommended that you have your roof inspected at least once a year and perform regular maintenance to prevent potential issues from arising.

In some cases, installing a new roof over an existing one may be possible. However, this is only sometimes recommended as it can decrease the new roof’s lifespan and cause potential future issues.

If your roof shows signs of damage, such as leaks, missing shingles, or sagging areas, it may be time for repairs or a replacement. It is best to consult with a professional roofing contractor to assess the condition of your roof and determine the best course of action.

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