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Your premier shingle roofing experts in Burbank have reliably served you since 2004. With our GAF certification, we are dedicated to providing top-tier roofing solutions at competitive rates. Our team of experts is thoroughly trained to ensure each project meets the manufacturer’s standards and adheres strictly to safety regulations.

From shingle repairs to full replacements, Burbank Quality Roofing is your comprehensive roofing, siding, framing, and decking service provider. We always strive for unmatched quality. Contact our skilled shingle roofers in Burbank for your no-cost estimate today!

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Replacing your Damaged Roof

In Burbank, the leading cause for replacing shingle roofs is typically due to damage sustained from harsh weather conditions. Even with hailstones as large as baseballs, spotting roof damage from the ground level may prove challenging. This underscores the importance of employing a reputable roofing service for a complimentary storm damage evaluation—essential even after minor hail or windstorms. It’s not prudent to hastily initiate an insurance claim following every severe storm; therefore, having a professional roofer conduct a preliminary assessment is invariably the more innovative approach. Burbank Roofing commits to delivering a no-cost inspection and photographic summary, coupled with transparent guidance on the severity of any roof damage and the necessity for filing an insurance claim or proceeding with a complete replacement.

Types of Shingles We offer

Navigating your home’s vast array of roof shingle options can be overwhelming during repair or installation. Selecting the perfect shingles for your Burbank abode means examining local climate demands and desired aesthetics, as the choice hinges on weather resilience and personal taste. Each shingle variety comes with its own set of characteristics and advantages.

Composition Shingles

Commonly selected for smaller structures, composition shingles are thinner and offer less durability than other materials. While budget-friendly, these shingles may not provide a long-term roofing solution due to their susceptibility to wear and tear.

Laminate Shingles

Then there are laminate shingles, which boast remarkable strength and an extended lifespan—typically outlasting other variants by about 50%. They’re essentially an enhanced form of asphalt shingles, constructed with a robust base mat and additional layers, making them a sturdier, albeit pricier, choice.

Asphalt Shingles

Speaking of asphalt shingles, this variant forms the roofing landscape of roughly 80% of American homes. Characterized by their considerable thickness, asphalt shingles integrate a foundation of felt or fiberglass that fortifies your roof against water invasion and maintains its structural soundness.

Despite being the ubiquitous choice, asphalt shingles’ popularity doesn’t stem from mere commonness. They deliver a blend of affordability and quality, coupled with admirable fire resistance and longevity, that make them a compelling option for many homeowners.

Our Shingle Roofing Services

Shingle Roofing

Burbank Quality Roofing offers essential shingle roofing maintenance to remedy common problems, including leakage, shingle deterioration, and general wear. Prompt intervention for shingle roofing maintenance is key to averting minor issues from snowballing into expensive damages.

Shingle Roof Replacement

The necessity for shingle roof replacement arises when your current roofing system is irreparable, has surpassed its serviceable years, or fails to offer sufficient protection. Opting for a shingle roof overhaul augments your home’s visual charm and accords enhanced safeguarding, improved energy-saving features, and a sense of assurance.

Shingle Roof Installation

If you’re erecting a new structure or updating an existing roof, enlisting the services of professional shingle roof installers is critical. These experts guarantee precise shingle placement, secure underlayment application, and a robustly constructed roofing system designed for longevity. Opting for top-notch shingle roof installation is vital in shielding your property and ensuring enduring defense from the elements, preventing water ingress, and warding off various other prospective issues.

Top-Tier Roofing with GAF Shingles

At Burbank Roofing, your home’s protection and aesthetic appeal are our top priority. We commit ourselves to the highest dependability and superior craftsmanship standards, selecting only premium materials to ensure your roof stands the test of time. Our expert team is GAF certified, granting us access to the leading shingles in the industry, which are recognized for their exceptional quality and long-lasting performance. GAF shingles provide unparalleled defense against nature’s forces while offering an extensive palette of styles and colors to complement and beautify your home. Trust in our proficiency and GAF’s renowned products to deliver a roofing experience that epitomizes trust, durability, and visual charm.

Our Roof Installation Process.

Our installation process ensures top-notch results and effectively safeguards your home. We start by expertly removing the old roof using a shingle fork, meticulously working from top to bottom. Depending on the materials for your new roof, the installation process may vary…

Once the old roof is removed, our skilled contractors meticulously examine the decking to confirm it’s in top-notch shape. Any damaged sheathing, moisture problems, mildew, or rot are fixed before moving forward. We also evaluate the flashing, replacing it as needed to prevent water seepage around key spots such as chimneys, valleys, and vents.

The drip edge installation is vital in channeling water away from the house and directing it into the gutters. Depending on the specific location, its placement may vary—before or after different parts of the roofing system. Additionally, we install an underlayment, a protective barrier made of felt paper designed to safeguard the roof’s structural elements from water damage and decay.

Our Burbank-based team of certified roofing professionals meticulously installs the new roofing system, implementing a bottom-to-top approach with exacting placement of the asphalt shingles. The team takes particular care to ensure that nails are not visible post-installation. Comprehensive debris removal is conducted post-installation to maintain a pristine and secure environment on your premises.

After installing your new roof, our roofing team leader conducts a detailed post-installation inspection to guarantee proper installation. We meticulously check materials for defects and provide you with photos of your beautiful new roof. This inspection ensures the safety and security of your new roof, promising years of protection for your home.

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