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If you’re looking for a renowned roofing service in the heart of Burbank, CA, look no further than Burbank Roofing LLC. Our expertise lies in providing top-tier roof installations that promise to shield your residence from the elements and boost its overall charm. With years of dedicated experience under our belts, we guarantee your roofing project will be executed with utmost precision and attention to detail.

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Roofing Installation Contractor

We provide various roofing services, from installation and repairs to maintenance. Our expert team is proficient in working with different roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, metal roofing, and flat roofing. Using premium materials and craftsmanship guarantees a long-lasting roof.

We conduct a comprehensive roof inspection for installations to devise the optimal plan. You’ll receive a detailed cost estimate and project timeline. Collaborating closely with you ensures your roofing requirements are fulfilled and you’re pleased with the outcome.

We don’t just install roofs – we also specialize in repairs and maintenance. Even the most challenging roofs need care as time goes by. Count on our swift repairs to address any issues and our regular maintenance to keep your roof in prime shape, preventing future problems.

Burbank New Roofing Installation Service

Seeking expertise for your next construction venture’s roofing needs? Look no further! Burbank Professional Roofing Services excels in providing an extensive selection of styles, designs, and materials, tailoring to every unique aesthetic your new property envisions. Be it timeless elegance or contemporary chic, our expert Burbank roofers bring forth cutting-edge tools, technology, and unparalleled quality products, ensuring your abode’s crowning glory is exactly as dream-worthy as you anticipate. Beyond mere claims of excellent roofing service, the assurance of enduring artisanship from a seasoned professional truly makes a difference. Before initiating the groundbreaking ceremony, prioritize thoughtful consideration for your rooftop—remember, your trust in PRS paves the path to unparalleled excellence.

We offer the following types of high-quality roofing materials:

  1. Asphalt Shingles
  2. Slate
  3. Clay

Aside from residential roof installation, we offer commercial roofing installation services in Southern California and neighboring regions. Our expert roofing team caters to various commercial buildings, including offices, apartment complexes, malls, factories, hotels, casinos, food service establishments, banks, etc. Whether you seek to revamp your business or embark on a new commercial project, rely on our skilled roofing contractors for exquisite and durable outcomes.

Signs Your Roof Needs to be Replaced

Roof replacements are essential undertakings, and addressing them promptly rather than postponing is prudent. Degraded rooftops can escalate heating and cooling costs due to insulation failures, such as cracks and holes.

Be vigilant for these indicators that suggest a need for a new roof:

Indications of Water Infiltration: Reversing the damage is challenging once moisture penetrates shingles and enters your abode. Unchecked water intrusion and the ensuing humidity can lead to extensive and expensive repairs. To prevent further interior water damage, consider opting for a roof overhaul.

Aging Roof Symptoms: Pondering a replacement? Assess the age of your rooftop. Roofs older than 15 years likely require replacement, exhibiting signs of wear like curled or bare shingles, drooping structures, moss on the surface, or gutter debris.

Enhancing Home Aesthetic Appeal: A pristine roof not only freshens up your home’s exterior but also becomes a standout feature in your neighborhood. Should home sale prospects arise, a new roof adds to the property’s appeal, providing potential buyers with peace of mind about the roof’s longevity.

Modernizing with Upgraded Options: If your roof has not been modernized in over a decade, the advancements in roofing materials and color options now available will astonish you, enabling a harmonious match with your home’s design.

Poorly maintained roofs can increase energy consumption as HVAC systems overcompensate for air leaks. Furthermore, long-standing roofs are vulnerable to leaks, mold, and additional moisture-related deteriorations. A compromised roof diminishes your property’s market value, and an unkempt roof can deter prospective buyers. Above all, a strong, durable roof is foundational to your home’s structural integrity, ensuring safety and security for you and your loved ones.

Choose Premiere Roofing Services

When searching for a dependable roofing provider for your Burbank home or business, consider the exceptional craftsmanship and customer care offered at Burbank Roofing Services.

Why is Professional Roofing Services the optimal choice for your roofing needs?

  • Expert Craftsmanship: Our proficient team boasts significant experience, ensuring adept handling of diverse roofing tasks with a commitment to the most current industry practices and first-rate materials, guaranteeing an enduring and sturdy roof.
  • Swift and Streamlined Service: We recognize the importance of time in roofing projects. We deliver an efficient service that aims to wrap up your project expeditiously, reducing interference with your day-to-day activities.
  • Diligent Damage Assessment: Before initiating a new roof installation, we conduct a meticulous assessment to spot and resolve any pre-existing damage, thus enhancing the longevity and functionality of your new installation.
  • Robust 10-Year Workmanship Warranty: We are confident in our work’s caliber, so we offer a solid 10-year warranty for all our roofing installations, giving you the assurance that your investment remains safeguarded.
  • Comprehensive Roofing Consultation: As your go-to roofing experts, we’re available to discuss any roofing-related inquiries, whether about installations, materials, or upkeep. We prioritize customer enlightenment, allowing for well-informed choices about your roofing solutions.

Reject mediocre roofing work; opt instead for the reliability and professionalism of Professional Roofing Services. Reach out to schedule a consultation or to receive a complimentary estimate.

Our Roof Installation Process.

Our installation process ensures top-notch results and effectively safeguards your home. We start by expertly removing the old roof using a shingle fork, meticulously working from top to bottom. Depending on the materials for your new roof, the installation process may vary…

Once the old roof is removed, our skilled contractors meticulously examine the decking to confirm it’s in top-notch shape. Any damaged sheathing, moisture problems, mildew, or rot are fixed before moving forward. We also evaluate the flashing, replacing it as needed to prevent water seepage around key spots such as chimneys, valleys, and vents.

The drip edge installation is vital in channeling water away from the house and directing it into the gutters. Depending on the specific location, its placement may vary—before or after different parts of the roofing system. Additionally, we install an underlayment, a protective barrier made of felt paper designed to safeguard the roof’s structural elements from water damage and decay.

Our Burbank-based team of certified roofing professionals meticulously installs the new roofing system, implementing a bottom-to-top approach with exacting placement of the asphalt shingles. The team takes particular care to ensure that nails are not visible post-installation. Comprehensive debris removal is conducted post-installation to maintain a pristine and secure environment on your premises.

After installing your new roof, our roofing team leader conducts a detailed post-installation inspection to guarantee proper installation. We meticulously check materials for defects and provide you with photos of your beautiful new roof. This inspection ensures the safety and security of your new roof, promising years of protection for your home.

WHY Burbank Roofers

We stand out as the top choice for roofing services in Burbank for numerous reasons. If you haven’t experienced our service yet, here are a few key factors why homeowners choose us for their roof repairs:








Are you in need of professional certified roofing services within the Burbank, California area? Look no further than the trusted professionals at Burbank Roofing Contractors. Our fully certified, bonded, and insured team is equipped to handle your roofing project with unmatched precision.

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